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Is Yang holding Pyrrhas shield?

I actually noticed that yesterday! I think in all her excitement to get everything unpacked and decorated, Yang wound up grabbing more than just her own stuff.

Either that or she’s actually a HUUUUUUGE Pyrrha Nikos fangirl and owns a replica Akoúo̱ that she bought at a convention.

I love that headcanon! Someone! Please do Yang fangirling over Pyrrha Nikos!!!

Blake looks like she’s thinking, “I wonder how long it’ll be before Goodwitch notices that Yang stole that candlestick from the ballroom.”

And she has a chess piece that isn’t hers. Maybe she grabbed an extra for a souvenir or something. “Gold queen” fits Yang, right?

(LOL, I saw a crack fanfic making fun of this scene by making Yang a kleptomaniac)

Isn’t that ruby’s headphones, and weiss’s pamphlet?

My spouse actually wrote a fic where Yang accidently keeps their relic.


Anonymous asked:

Valerie, werewolf au :)



valerie is a werewolf hunter with the rest of the a-listers. she’s about  2 minutes from figuring out that that nasty infected scratch she’s been hiding since their last hunting party was off a tooth, not a claw…

sam in this au is totally a were-rights activist and the fentons are obsessed with studying lycanthropy and other human species variants

i have no idea how danny fits into this….

in other news i have been looking at a lot of lineless art lately and tried to give it a go






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Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!


honestly what the hell

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I think spending hours bashing something you don’t like is not only petty but a waste of time. It doesn’t make you look cool, we all don’t respect you just because you don’t like something that’s “popular”. People are entitled to their own opinion, and what’s good for some may not be good for…

I’m trying to be better at this everyday.

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